Teacher Resources – Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour

Overview: Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour (Levels 4-7)

To assist teachers in delivering a program incorporating a virtual tour of Mt Rothwell, teacher notes and student activity worksheets have been developed to supplement the use of the Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour learning object. Within this learning object, students explore a virtual tour of Mt Rothwell, investigating native and introduced flora and fauna, their adaptations within grassland and granite outcrop habitats, including breeding and reintroduction programs. Information relating to a range of grassland species may be found in the Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide.

Activities have been designed for Levels 4-7, however may be relevant for other levels. All activities have been designed to meet Australian Curriculum Science requirements for each level.

Activity 1 provides an introduction to the Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour learning object for all levels 4-7. There is a unique Activity 2 for each individual year level. The dependence of plants and animals on each other and their environment is introduced in Level 4. Adaptations of grassland and granite outcrop species is introduced in Level 5. Comparison of specific habitats at Mt Rothwell is further investigated in Level 6, and breeding and reintroduction programs are introduced in Level 7.