Learning Objects

This site has been developed as an online outreach curriculum program for primary and secondary students and community members, focusing on the biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains. The site will eventually contain seven online learning objects. Each learning object will focus on a specific aspect of biodiversity including plant and animal identification, grassland foodwebs, mapping of species, assessment and mapping of plant quadrats and an investigation of the ongoing threats to species by managing grassland ecosystems, consulting with experts, undertaking real and virtual grassland excursions and completing an interactive quiz. Each learning object will be accompanied by comprehensive student and teacher resources.

The key outcome of this online outreach curriculum program is for students, teachers and community members to be actively involved in an appreciation and understanding of the importance of biodiversity and grassland habitats, which may then encourage the active protection and management of biodiversity and ecosystems.

We hope that you enjoy using this site. We have also developed a Field Guide app, which can be dowloaded by clicking the link below.