Talk with the Experts

What is Talk with the Experts all about? 

The ‘Talk with the Experts’ learning object enables you to investigate grassland management by participating in an interview with four grassland ‘experts’. You will then be able to pose your own question or comment if you wish. Each expert will respond to a number of set questions, so that you can consider, contrast and compare a range of views. Each grassland expert works in a unique field, where expertise in grassland plant and animal identification, grassland management and grassland conservation are major roles.


Welcome to the Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains ‘Talk with the Experts’.
In this learning object you will meet four grassland ‘experts’ working in the area of grassland management and conservation.
Each expert will discuss a number of topics relating to their role, the nature of grassland ecosystems and grassland management as well as their individual interests and involvement in their particular careers.
Choose a topic, related question, and an expert. Compare the responses from the different experts and then pose your own questions and comments by...

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How does it work?

  • STEP 1: Choose a topic
  • STEP 2: Choose a question
  • STEP 3: Select an expert you would like to answer the question
  • STEP 4: Add a comment or question

Step 1: Choose a Topic


There are four topics to choose from. Each topic consists of five specialized questions, which enables the grassland ‘expert’ to detail their responses in relation to specific questions. Topics include the role of the ‘expert’, the significance of grassland ecosystems and grassland management, and ideas for how you can be involved with grasslands either as an interest or as a potential career. You may choose to change topics for the one ‘expert’, or view responses for one topic for each ‘expert’.

Please choose a topic from the selection below.