Teacher Resources - Managing Grasslands

Overview: Managing Grassland Ecosystems (Levels 4-7)

To assist teachers in delivering a program involving management of grassland ecosystems, teacher notes and student activity worksheets have been developed to supplement the use of the Managing Grassland Ecosystems learning object. Within this learning object, students consider and select a range of management options in order to restore a virtual degraded grassland to a high quality grassland ecosystem. The restored grassland must be capable of supporting reintroduced indigenous species. Information on all grassland species may be found in the Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide.

Activities have been designed for Levels 4-7, however may be relevant for other levels. All activities have been designed to meet Australian Curriculum Science requirements for each level.

All activities begin with an introduction to the Managing Grassland Ecosystems learning object, followed by a specific aspect of grassland management. Aboriginal land use is introduced in Level 4, Aboriginal use of fire is introduced in Level 5 and investigations of endangered species are introduced in Level 6 (Golden Sun Moth) and Level 7 (Eastern Barred Bandicoot).


Levels 4-7