Footprints of the Western Volcanic Plains

Overview Graphic

The Western Volcanic Plains are the third largest volcanic plains in the world and home to some of the most critically endangered grassland, wetland and grassy-woodland communities. Local aborigines lived and used this land and, since colonization, white people have farmed and used this land leaving their respective footprints.

Ecolinc’s Footprints of the Western Volcanic Plains uses the photographic panorama image titled ‘Volcano Dreaming’, as a stimulus to provide curriculum resources, materials and onsite programs to educate students about the biodiversity of the western volcanic plains and to teach students about the precarious nature of the wildflower grasslands, what has happened to it, what is being done to preserve it and what students can do to help.

The panorama of ‘Volcano Dreaming’ is divided into a set of 12 portable panels that assemble together to form a 12 metre long and two metre high photographic panorama. The panorama can be viewed online (below) or the portable panels can be hired (individually or as a complete set).  See below for further details. ‘Volcano Dreaming’ was designed, researched and producted by Peter Haffenden and Kerrie Poliness from Inherit Earth. This project was initially supported by EPA Victoria's - Inspiring Environmental Solutions program and Victoria University.  The panels can be used individually or collectively as the full image.

Footprints is a collection of work which complements the 12 ‘Volcano Dreaming’ panels (panorama). It consists of 12 student worksheets (one focusing on each panel) and accompanying teacher notes.  Footprints also includes additional background information, species lists, resources and answers to student worksheets.  In addition, there is a final worksheet and teacher notes, which is an extension activity. The activities are suited for students in Years 4-7 and are hands-on, engaging activities that use a range of technologies. All of the student activities are designed to address Levels 4-7 of AusVELS.

Ecolinc also offers a wide range of onsite programs, outreach and field work options that complement the ‘Volcano Dreaming’ panels (panorama) as part of Footprints.

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