Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour

Welcome to the Mt Rothwell Virtual Tour


In this learning object, you will take a virtual tour of the Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre, travelling to a number of areas not normally included in a standard walk. Mt Rothwell is situated in Little River, Victoria 3211, about 30 minutes drive from Ecolinc. The tour follows a numerical order of points, however you can start at any point.

At each point, profiles on a range of flora, fauna and special features are highlighted with images, relevant videos and links to the BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide. If you see any of the species in the BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide app on an actual walk, you are encouraged to make a sighting.

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  1. From the aerial map choose a point to begin your virtual tour.
  2. Please note that P1 is the actual entry point for all school groups at Mt Rothwell.
  3. When you arrive at P1, use the arrows to move around the image to view the surroundings. You may also ZOOM in and out.
  4. Click on all of the profiles to find out what may be found in the vicinity of this point.
  5. When you have accessed all of the profiles at P1, you may ‘zoom to the next point on the trail’, go ‘BACK TO THE MAP’ to choose another point, or click ‘NEXT POINT’.
  6. When you arrive at P2 - P10 or any of the other points in between, you may easily go to the ‘NEXT POINT’ or go back to the PREVIOUS POINT.
  7. P11 is designated as the last exit point on the virtual trail.


All VR filming and the majority of photographs taken as Mt Rothwell to accompany the flora, fauna and features profiles were provided by Eddison Photographic Studios, unless otherwise acknowledged below.

Video filming of the Eastern Barred Bandicoot and the Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby at Mt Rothwell was provided by She Oaks Films.

Photographs in the BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide links are acknowledged within the Flora and Fauna Field Guide app.

Additional photographs were provided by the following organisations and photographers as part of the profiles:

  • Rod Bird, Red Fox, BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide.
  • James Booth via NatureShare, Little Forest Bat, BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide, Common Ringtail Possum.
  • Gary Clark, Short-beaked Echidna, Swamp Wallaby.
  • Suzanne Clark, European Rabbit Burrow, Research Accommodation, Eastern Quoll, Eastern Grey Kangaroo.
  • Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre, Long-nosed Potoroo.
  • Peter Robertson, Sudell’s Frog, Cunningham’s Skink, BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide.
  • Glenn Rudolph/DEPI, Golden Sun Moth, BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide.
  • Wikipedia, Feral Cat, BWVP Flora and Fauna Field Guide.