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Question How can students become further involved in understanding and conserving grasslands?
Expert Dr Nick Williams
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Dr Nick Williams is a plant ecologist at the University of Melbourne. Nick’s research investigates the ecology of urban areas in particular, grassland ecology and restoration, green infrastructure for climate change adaptation and weed invasions. Nick’s research has highlighted how surrounding landscapes influence the processes that occur in remnant habitats, such as edge effects and local extinctions, and, has developed ways to make urban areas more biodiversity friendly.

Get to know the grasslands near you and potentially join some of the Friends Groups that are working to protect and restore our native grasslands. There’s also a range of resources available to people who want to get to know the plants and animals that live in native grasslands, better. There’s a number of field guides and books and also a newly developed iPhone app that can help you better understand what is growing in the grasslands.

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