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Topic Grassland management
Question How important are remnant grasslands and how should they be managed?
Expert Dr John Morgan
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Dr John Morgan is a research scientist in the Department of Botany at La Trobe University, Bundoora. John has worked for many years in the grassy ecosystems of southern Australia, concentrating on understanding the long-term changes that occur in species composition in the context of land-use change, ecological management and plant invasions, relating his findings to conservation and biodiversity.

Absolutely critical – the ecosystem that the early settlers saw in Victoria is all but gone. It survives as miserable remnants across southern Victoria, but with management and education, we can encourage the persistence of this once vast system. And all remnants have a role to play as they contribute to regional population conservation. There is no one place where all the elements can be conserved in a national park. Instead, we need to manage the many small sites to ensure that all species have a chance of long-term persistence near Melbourne.

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