Weed Status

Weed StatusFennel

Weed species included in the Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide are also listed according to their invasiveness and impact.

  • Weeds with a high invasive status
  • Weeds with a low invasive status
  • Weeds with high impact status
  • Weeds with low impact status

Invasiveness is a measure of a species ability to invade and persist in natural ecosystems. Species listed as High Invasive are those that readily establish in native vegetation.

Impact is a measure of the ecological consequences of the invasion and establishment of that weed or pest species. Species listed as High Impact have the ability to quickly disrupt ecological processes, dominate the vegetation layers and cause severe loss of biodiversity. High Impact weeds usually grow quickly and create large amounts of biomass.

The weeds of most concern are those with a High Invasive and High Impact status, so these weeds are a priority for management action to reduce and eliminate them from a grassland. Another priority is preventing new weeds from becoming established, by removing these weeds as soon as possible, before they set seed, disperse and rapidly increase their numbers.