Teacher Resources – Grassland Food Webs

Overview: Grassland Food Webs (Levels 4-7)

To assist teachers in delivering a program involving food chains and food webs, teacher notes and student activity worksheets have been developed to supplement the use of the Grassland Food Webs learning object. Within this learning object, students may construct a very easy food chain and up to three food webs of varying levels of difficulty, each involving a range of grassland species. Further information on all species may be found in the Biodiversity of the Western Volcanic Plains Flora and Fauna Field Guide.

Activities have been designed for Levels 4-7, however may be relevant for other levels. All activities have been designed to meet Australian Curriculum Science requirements for each level.

Food webs consist of a number of interlinking food chains within an ecosystem. A food chain indicates ‘who eats who’ and depicts a flow of energy. Students will be introduced to the terms producer, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, scavenger and decomposer. Food chains are introduced in Level 4, food webs in Level 5 and trophic levels in Level 6 & 7 activities. Any of the food webs within the learning object may be used as extension activities as appropriate