Proposed Western Grassland Reserves


The Western Grassland Reserves will cover two large areas; around Mount Cottrell, south east of Melton, and north of Little River, west of Werribee. Several smaller areas closer to Melbourne will also be protected. 

Melway reference: 
Not yet established.
Large areas of the reserves will not be open to the public due to their highly sensitive conservation requirements. Some sections will be open to the public for recreation activities that are compatible with conservation.
Parks Victoria will become Manager of the Reserves.

The Victorian Government will reserve 15,000 ha of land to protect native grasslands in Melbourne’s west. The reserves will offset the loss of native grassland in areas designated by the state government for urban growth in Melbourne’s north and west. The government plans to purchase all of the designated land required by 2020.

The reserves will contain native grassland, open grassy woodland, rocky knolls, waterways and ephemeral wetlands. These grassland reserves will provide habitat for species including the Golden Sun Moth, Striped Legless Lizard, Growling Grass Frog, Button Wrinklewort and Spiny Rice-flower.