Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve and Ridge Paddock


North of Mortlake and Hexham in western Victoria. Ridge Paddock adjoins the eastern boundary of Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve on Wordleys Lane, off Hexham-Woorndoo Road, approximately 150 km west of Geelong.

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926 E6
None. There is pedestrian access to Ridge Paddock from Wordleys Lane via the Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve.
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The Ridge Paddock grasslands (130.05 ha) were purchased in 2002 as part of the Department of Sustainability and Environment's conservation land purchase program. The Ridge Paddock and adjoining Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve form the largest Plains Grassland/Grassy Woodland reserve (662 ha) in the Dundas Tablelands.

The main Ecological Vegetation Class (EVC) present in Ridge Paddock is Plains Grassland. Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve has one of the largest and most species-rich examples of Plains Grassy Woodland remaining in Victoria, and includes approximately 150 ha of native grasslands. Creekline Grassy Woodland EVC also occurs at Cobra Killuc Wildlife Reserve.

Narrow rows of native trees border Ridge Paddock on the southern, northern and eastern sides of the reserve.

The DSE Management Statement for these reserves includes a flora and fauna species list for the reserves.

Further information: 

DSE Management Statement (2005) for the reserve